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Moss Nativity 2014

It’s that time of year again. Presenting, hopefully for the last time ever, the annual Moss Nativity – 2014.

2013, 2011

Mossnam Style

Amazing what they learn at school these days.

Video by Jo.

The Mosses’ Christmas Message

Happy Christmas to you all. Here’s our seasonal broadcast, featuring Laurie as Mary, Pip as the angel Gabriel, Big Baby as Jesus, the Green Beast as the Donkey, and Indie as the Chicken.

Laurie wasn’t happy with the first take, so we have a second version she considers perfect.


A video from my tech-literate Mum! You need the sound on. A cute first half, loses its way in the middle, but has an ending no one expects. So you have to watch the whole thing, but it’s only 90 seconds long. Full screen and high-quality recommended.

Our Little Angel

Laurie was in her nursery Christmas play last week. She appeared in Act 1 as an angel, and in the grand finale in the chorus as a non-singing thumb-sucker. We got a little clip of video – for best effect you need the sound turned on.

And, for old time’s sake, here are the […]