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Somerset House Fountains

Pip was away for a weekend, and I looked after the girls. We (they) spent Saturday afternoon gradually turning blue in the fountains at Somerset House.

We went there last year as well – this time I remembered the swimming costumes.

On the Sunday I had tickets for […]

The Lord Mayor’s Children’s Party

Sally (as Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors) took Laurie (as a relative between six and nine years of age) to the Children’s Party of the 686th Lord Mayor of London. Read all about it.

Laurie is SEVEN

Just before Christmas Laurie turned seven. How did that happen? Eh? Eh? Eh? (oops, the coverage is getting a little patchy towards the end there). She was at school on her actual birthday, so presents and a party tea were sandwiched round the ends (and the after-school-club Christmas Party). Snow White also dropped in.

The View from the Shard

We got some free tickets (Southwark residents) to the Shard before it fully opened. The Sunday lunchtime was a beautiful clear day and the view was great. You get free run of a couple of floors (68 and 72 I think) – the upper one is open-roofed and windy. It’s hard to get decent photos […]

The Mosses’ Christmas Message

Happy Christmas to you all. Here’s our seasonal broadcast, featuring Laurie as Mary, Pip as the angel Gabriel, Big Baby as Jesus, the Green Beast as the Donkey, and Indie as the Chicken.

Laurie wasn’t happy with the first take, so we have a second version she considers perfect.

Laurie Starts School

Laurie started school last week. She’s in the nursery class at Redriff Primary School. I walk her to school in the morning Tuesday to Friday, so I finally have a good reason to be late for work.

Laurie is FOUR!

Laurie is now four (0,1, 2, 3), and we are looking forward to our new life free of tantrums and thumb-sucking. We had a party at Surrey Docks Farm – the theme was animals, and there was a face-painter.

I’ve put a set of photos on flickr, with a […]

BBC Photos – The Beach

Laurie made #5!

Dance of the Bumble Bees

Yesterday was Laurie’s dance class show – the Dancebreaks Spectacular 2010. We’d missed the last four weeks of rehearsals by being in Canada, but that didn’t stop Laurie. Well, it didn’t stop her turning up, but it could have been the reason she followed a more improvisational choreographical style than the others.

In […]