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Indie Is Five

Indie’s fifth birthday was marked by a pirate party a few days beforehand at The Old Mortuary (Time and Talents) in Bermondsey.

On her actual birthday a few days later we were camping in Dorset with Jo & Alex & Olivia, and April & Paul & Freddie & Arty.   


The climax […]

Somerset House Fountains

Pip was away for a weekend, and I looked after the girls. We (they) spent Saturday afternoon gradually turning blue in the fountains at Somerset House.

We went there last year as well – this time I remembered the swimming costumes.

On the Sunday I had tickets for […]

Indie is Two!

Indie made it to TWO. We had a little party at home on Wednesday, and went to a splash park in Bexley with some of her friends on the Saturday. Let the terrible twos commence.

Photos on Flickr.


Norfolk Camping

We spent the last weekend of July camping in Norfolk. We stayed in the back garden of the Duke pub in Bacton. Nick, Nadege and Noe camped with us, and my Mum & Dad (in their motorhome) and sister (in our tent) stayed on the Saturday night.

Pip, Liz, the girls and I went […]

Goat Love

We took the girls to the farm to see the lambs and goat kids. Indie got very attached to one of the kids.

We couldn’t separate them so we left her to it.

When we came back, the goat was wearing Indie’s glasses.


Sunday stuff

We went to the Barbican yesterday to see the birds playing electric guitars. Recommended!

Today we went to Discover Stratford for Children’s Book Week or something. During Maisie’s Birthday Party, Indie projected more vomit over Pip and I than she’s produced in her whole life to date. Bleugh.

Oh, and one more thing.


Magic Three Months

If it wasn’t for the fact we’ve been so busy trying to put the children to bed for the last few months, Indigo would definitely have gone on Ebay at least a couple of times. But last Tuesday she turned three months, and suddenly things are a little bit better. So she can stay.

Maybe […]

Indigo Sylvia Moss

Pip & I are proud to announce the latest addition to the Moss brood – Indigo Sylvia. Indie was born at 3:07 pm, Monday 17th August 2009, and weighed 6 lbs 14 1/2 oz.

She’s alert and curious, is feeding well, has a fine head (and back) of black hair and mewls like a cat.