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Summer Isles


I’ve uploaded my photos from our Scottish holiday. A 1,500 mile round trip in the car to Reiff, near Achiltibuie, in the far NW Highlands of Scotland.

We drove up in three days, stopping in Milton Keynes and Edinburgh, and breaking the journey on my birthday at Monkey Forest. For the way back we tried the A1 via the Northumberland castle coast and filled the last few remaining air pockets in the car with driftwood from Lindisfarne. We spent Saturday night near Leeds, thanks Hilary and Gordon.


The house we stayed in was fantastic, enormous views over the bay from every window and fitted out to the highest standard. IPod docks, table tennis, and napkin rings.
Pip climbed Stac Pollaigh while I took Laurie to Ullapool for the worst nappy of my life, and I climbed Ben More Coigach in the snow for stunning views.


Ol and Amanda’s photos are here, and the rest of mine are here. Make sure you check out the quicktime video panoramas at the end.



Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve had technical issues with the blog. We’re now on a new host, but the main problem has been upgrading the home computer, which now runs Vista. This broke the old easy way we uploaded photos. Anyway, I’ve spent four months trying different fixes, and finally I found a java uploader for the Coppermine gallery. I’m mainly writing this post to increase its google ranking, because it was so hard to find! So, if your Coppermine Gallery XP Publish web uploader doesn’t work now you’ve migrated to Vista, use this fix instead.

Spring has sprung

Hello if anyone is still out there.
We have had a good start to the year all in all. I can’t say Ive been loving the weather though.
At Easter Laurie was walking her first tentative steps and now she is almost tearing around the place – I still find it a novelty to watch her though, I do think it is so cute. She’s getting a right little madam though and apparently my parenting style is not strict enough – basically I’m a walkover and she knows it!
This week she didn’t want to leave nursery to come home with me so there’s no worries she’s having a nice time there.
I am back working 5 days now – ug.
Here are some pics from Easter and we’ll post some from our Scotland trip soon.


Happy New Year!

Hope you all had great a Christmas and New Year.
We were in Kent for Christmas. Mum, Barn and Laurie nearly had Christmas Day alone when the rest of us nearly got stuck in France – we took a trip to Lille and managed to catch the last ferry back with a minute to spare.
Barney had to work alot but had Christmas Day off to cook – it was wonderful as always.

We then headed to Felixstowe to the Moss arm and Laurie had lots of fun again.


Laurie is 1!

Well it was Laurie’s 1st Birthday yesterday and we celebrated in style.
We had I believe 31 visitors during the day which included 11 children under 2.
The lounge was full of helium balloons and I made (yes from scratch) a Birthday cake that was actually very scrummy.
An exhausting but really fun day.


Anyone out there?

Hello Helen (our most reliable blog checker)
Here is a summary of the Moss world –
– Laurie starts nursery next week
– I did a show last week with Ginny – I was a good drunk apparently
– Our building work is finished at last (thousands of pounds later)
– I go back to work on 4th December
– Laurie is the cheekiest monkey you’ll ever meet – I can’t begin to list the trouble she can now get up to
– I can’t begin to think about Christmas (Barney bless him is shopping right now!)
– I’ve forgotten how to blog well or load up pictures

Anyway at least you know we are still here.
Love to all
Pip xx

Marathon Ran

On October 7th 2007, my brother-in-law Jo & I ran the Loch Ness Marathon. We both finished, he in 4:15:24 (866/1427), and I in 4:36:05 (1096/1427).
Pip & Ginny ran the River Ness 10K at the same time, and Griff, Clare, Amy and Skye came up to babysit, as did my parents in their motorhome.

Despite the hills I didn’t have any of the injuries I feared, except for a bad case of jogger’s nipple where I lost a nipple-nut after around 10 miles.

See all the photos here, or download a Google Earth KMZ file here.


Marathon Coming Up!

It’s my marathon in one week – Sunday 7th October.? I did my last 12 miles of training run this morning, and my broken toes have magically got better, so maybe they weren’t broken after all…

Wish me luck (and also some for brother-in-law Jo, who’s also doing it, although he doesn’t need as much as I do because he’s younger, fitter and lighter).? And Pip & Ginny should have some luck too, as they’re entering the 10 km race.

Laurie’s competing in the 3 km buggy dash.

Lakes Photos

I’ve been hard at work in Photoshop fixing up the photos from our holiday in Coniston, in the Lake District, early in September. The results are all now posted on the wheresbarney gallery. I’ve stitched some panoramas into QTVR movies, and I’m quite pleased with the results (here, here, here and here)…

There’s even my first little planet!


The Good Life

We’ve been having a great time recently. Had a week staying with the uni friends in a cottage in Coniston in the Lakes. Lovely weather all week so lots of walking but with 4 babies lots of babysitting too. Still, they are pretty cute.

Fiona taught Amy ‘hands on head’.

Lovely in the evenings to sit down and have big meals together after all the babies were in bed – could seem like old times if you ignored the monitors lined up nearby!
We also tried out ‘Go Ape’. Lots of zip slides and climbing between tall trees.