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More NCT Baby Photos!

I’ve uploaded a few more pictures from the NCT reunion last Sunday. Ahhh!




Mini Moss and Mini Griffiths

I’ve posted some pictures from Laurie and Amy’s sofa-studio session.? I’ve been for a long run, and eaten quite a lot, today – so I can’t think of anything funny to write…



We’re in Felixstowe

We’ve taken Laurie up to Grandpa and Grand Marnier’s for the weekend. Photos later.? I’ve been for an 8 mile cross-country run through the mud and along the foreshore to the Ship Inn and back, the longest I’ve managed since Laurie was born

Not so mini now

Laurie was weighed today and she is 8lb 9oz now (she was 5lb 14oz at birth). Noticeably chubbier. This probably means I won’t need to update you on weight any more as any concerns anyone may have had about her being on the tiny side, well now she is heading up towards being average for […]

Sharkbait (or Laurie’s little chum) (chum, get it!)

I took Tuesday off work. Pip and Laurie and I met Griff, Clare and Amelia in my favourite Chinatown dim sum place, New Loon Fung.

Then we slung the babies, and headed for the aquarium. Laurie enjoyed it so much she threw up all over her head.

More pictures here.

Then we went for dinner […]