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NCT Reunion (first draft)

It was our NCT class reunion today. All seven babies, fourteen parents, and two teachers, in George and David’s house in Forest Hill. Lots of screaming, and lots of cake. Not much sleep last night, so I’ve only done the first photo so far, more tomorrow.


Saturday Mornings (New Style)

Our Saturday mornings have changed quite a bit now. Here’s an example.


A Long Time Ago, In A Life Far, Far Away…

I’ve uploaded some pictures of Laurie before she was born. If you’ve been round to our house and seen the electric picture frame, you’ll know there’s another set of in-utero pictures, which I’m not uploading.




Gas problem

Poor Laurie has been suffering from too much gas and so has been ‘blowing off’ (to be polite) excessively. This has of course caused her some distress which we can help relieve by producing burps using this position

It’s been sad to see her upset and her really fat tummy (she floated in the bath). […]

Barney Gumble Drinks Again

Pip gets up every morning at 3am to express a bottle of milk for Laurie. That’s probably earlier than the milkman, and is a perfect time to get on eBay.

She’s solved all my drinking woes with her purchases.


Drinking Problem

First this, now this!

My Simpsons bottle opener died opening a beer.? I’m detecting a pattern here.? And I don’t like it.