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Lily Allen

When Laurie is overtired I put on the Lily Allen album and dance with her, it honestly works every time. The song that goes ‘when I see you cry-y-y, it’s makes me smile-ile-ile’ is a particular favourite. Obviously this is not the case with me.


Smiles and cuddles

Well I nagged Barn to take some pics of us and although the light wasn’t great and I captured Laurie’s smile on manual focus (hence fuzzy as I’m no expert) here they are.

Grandma and Grandpa Moss are visiting today. Laurie slept from 10.30pm to 7am with a little cry at 3am but she […]


Laurie’s 10 weeks old now.? If she lives with us until she’s 20, we’re 1% of the way there.? And I’ll be 52 then.


Well right now there’s all sorts of crashes and drilling and builder shouting going on in our house. Laurie is however fast asleep in our bed having her morning nap. I thought I better get dressed with all these men in the house. Here is what the outside of our house looks like:

We’ll […]