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Pippa Laureate

Pip won the Southwark Council Visualise competition – poetry section (adult). She’s just got back from the awards ceremony with her £200. Well done Pip!

My piece of Southwark

I kick through the leaves on an autumn day, Walking in the park on my regular way. Bathed in bright sunshine or […]


We’re still here! Indie’s getting exactly as much attention as Laurie ever did, but we’ve had to sacrifice a few of the things we used to do in our spare time. Like everything, including updating this site.

Indie’s doing well – gaining 3 oz a week which apparently is good, although […]


It’s Laurie the youtube video. Apologies for the babytalk and the hammy production values. WARNING: This may be of interest to professional grandparents only.

Auntie Lizzie

The last of the relatives is introduced, Auntie Lizzie, on Christmas Day. Liz is scared of babies. Laurie vomits on her.

Little Button

One for the ex-Bristolians!

Happy Christmas

Barn has showed me how to blog so I can do something while I have to sit with an electric pump held to my boob.

If you do come and visit I am afraid you may see more of me than you’d ideally like (but pumping is in private)!

Luckily I have lots of new […]

With friends like these, who needs midwives?

As the local midwife team seemed to have been caught on the hop by the birth (we only gave them nine months notice), or by Christmas unexpectedly falling in December this year, Pip’s been building a fantastic support network.? She’s even infiltrated a second NCT group in Edinburgh!

The La Leche League volunteer she spoke […]

There’s some rough, and there’s some smooth

Today’s been pretty rough, Pip’s still dealing with the after-effects of labour and the birth, and she’s very tired.? Breastfeeding is not the walk in the park you’d expect, and both the girls are getting very frustrated.? Laurie’s getting hungry, and Pip’s getting sore.? We haven’t had our initial midwife visit yet, and we’ve got […]

First Bath

Laurie’s first bath tonight.

She loved it, which was good as it has been a rough day. She loved it so much she fell asleep in it. She doesn’t normally like being naked, but the bucket bath put her right at ease.

All her clothes are far too big, even her […]

Meeting Poppa

On Wednesday night, Laurie met her maternal Grandfather, the new Poppa. She probably thinks her parents live purely on champagne. Again, the introduction seemed to be a success.