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First Day Photo Album

There’s a photo album full of pictures of Laurie’s first day here.

No More Beer

As I got home, my faithful Barney the Simpsons Alcoholic keyring lost his beer. Ominous.


Lorelei was born on 19th December at 8:01pm. She was expected on New Year’s Eve.

If she had held on a few more hours she would have been born on the 20th December. 20/12 babies will be invited to take part in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, so she’s obviously a little […]

Technical Details

Pip went into hospital on Monday morning for a check-up as we felt things were moving. They monitored the baby’s heartbeat for an hour and noticed it dropped for a short period once or twice. She went back in on Tuesday morning for another heartbeat scan, and it was recorded as dropping a few more […]

I’m Alive

Lorelei Ann Moss was born at 8:01pm on Tuesday 19th December 2006 in St Thomas’ Hospital, London. She weighed 5lb, 14oz.

Programmer Joke

Hello World