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Olympic Park Run

Last SaturdayI was the 1,031st person ever to cross the finish line of the Olympic Stadium running track, in the National Lottery Olympic Park Run. If I’d been 8 seconds faster I’ve have been in the first 1,000. It was a good race, a little quiet in places with no spectators outside the stadium, but […]

Kew Gardens

V invited us to Kew Gardens with Dave and their four boys. I thought it would be cold, grey, and too early for any flowers, but it was amazing. The sun was out and there were hundreds of crocuses and snowdrops out. The orchid house was packed with flowers, and the rain forest greenhouse and […]

Kentish Christmas 2011

We spent Christmas with Sally & David in Kent this year. My family came down too, including Liz’s dog Beanie, and Gin & Jo. Lucy & Peter stayed until breakfast on Christmas Day, and Victoria, Stuart and Oliver came in their motor home, bringing Uncle Robert – so it was pretty busy.

Indie was totally […]

Kiwi Advent Calendar

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Kiwi Advent Calendar, originally uploaded by Mr Moss.

Kiwi Advent Calendar

The Mosses’ Christmas Message

Happy Christmas to you all. Here’s our seasonal broadcast, featuring Laurie as Mary, Pip as the angel Gabriel, Big Baby as Jesus, the Green Beast as the Donkey, and Indie as the Chicken.

Laurie wasn’t happy with the first take, so we have a second version she considers perfect.

Victory Is Mine

I ran the Nike Run To The Beat half-marathon yesterday. I’ve only done one half-marathon before, the 2005 Windsor Half Marathon, when I was a child-free 30 year old. As the colleague I was supposed to be racing yesterday dropped out, I decided to race my 2005 self.

In 2005 I ran the 13.1 miles […]

Grand Tour III – Whitby

The third leg of our Grand Tour, after Scotland, was a night in a cottage in Whitby. The town was lovely and I’d like to spend more time there one day – we arrived at five and left at two the next day. Just time for fish and chips, the lifeboat museum, the pier and […]

Grand Tour II – Peebles

From the Lakes we drove up to Peebles for Griff & Clare’s 10th Wedding Anniversary. On the Friday Amy had her fifth birthday party at Traquair Village Hall. More photos on Facebook.

Saturday night saw the grown-ups’ party at the same venue, with a meal and a brilliant ceilidh. Congratulations Griff […]

Grand Tour of Britain – Leg 1, the Lake District

We’ve completed the first leg of our Grand Tour. We left London after work last Friday night, at 8pm, and drove to a cottage in Eskdale Green in the southern Lakes. We arrived at 2am after a ridiculous final five miles where the roads were packed with hundreds of sleeping sheep and cows.

We had […]

Grand Tour of Britain

We’re using up the last 10 days of the school holidays in a Grand Tour of Britain.

Leg one – the Lakes Leg two – the Scottish Borders, for Amy’s birthday party and Griff & Clare’s 10th anniversary ceilidh Leg three – Whitby Leg four – Felixstowe for my sister’s new puppy, and my Dad’s […]