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Christmas at the Mosses

We spent Christmas at the Mosses’ in Felixstowe. That was a long time ago, but I’ve been trying to do some fancy stuff with my website. It hasn’t worked, so I’ll just post the photos.

Full gallery here.


Our Little Angel

Laurie was in her nursery Christmas play last week. She appeared in Act 1 as an angel, and in the grand finale in the chorus as a non-singing thumb-sucker. We got a little clip of video – for best effect you need the sound turned on.

And, for old time’s sake, here are the […]

Peebles Most Pleasurable!

We got some cheap train tickets for Edinburgh and visited the Griffiths over the last weekend of November. There was a real frost on which only got deeper all through the weekend. I got the photos for the next ten years’ Christmas cards.


Laurie and Amy got on really well, although Laurie uses the […]


We’ve been to visit Fi, Wim and Stephanie in their new house in Amsterdam. The girls loved playing with each other, the dads loved sitting in brown bars drinking Belgian beer, and the mums probably had a good time too.

On the Sunday we watched the arrival of Sinterklaas by boat from Spain into Amsterdam […]


I’ve been to Singapore for two weeks with work. I didn’t get much time to see the sights, but I did get to go diving in Pulau Aur in Malaysia over the weekend.


See the rest of the pictures here…


Morocco Photos

We’re back from our Morocco holiday, and I’ve uploaded the photos. Pip’s going to blog her holiday diary with the full story, but for now you can see my photos on the gallery here (page 2 here), and Gin’s photos here.

Here are a few to keep you going…


Great Gorillas!

I’m running 7 km through Central London on Saturday 27 September. 7 km isn’t a long distance (for me!) so I (and 800 other runners) will be dressed in full gorilla suits.

I’m aiming to raise £500 – if I reach this magic number Credit Suisse will match it, so your donation will […]

Dom and Asia’s Wedding, Poland August 2008

Dom and Asia became Mr & Mrs Collison in Torun, Poland on 23rd August 2008. We all flew out on the Thursday morning and spent a couple of days enoying the city.


For a full city panorama click here or go direct here.

We stayed in a fantastic hotel with two-storey rooms, where […]

Ben and Fran’s wedding – 16th August 2008

Ben amd Fran became the Orsons on 16th August 2008 in Swansea.


We camped in the Gower – they don’t make websites like this any more – with Andy, Beulah and Aiofe. It rained a lot. We took the babies to the wedding too, the girls got on great.


Afterwards at midnight back […]

The whole summer in one post

Err, sorry, we’ve been a bit busy.

Anyway, here’s the whole summer (now officially over – I needed bike lights on the way home from work tonight) presented for your convenience in a single post.

We’ve been to three weddings – Mark & Tania’s, Ben & Fran’s, and Dom & Asia’s.


We’ve been camping […]