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The Rough Bounds Of Knoydart

Over May Bank Holiday, I walked around the Rough Bounds of Knoydart in the Western Highlands, with Ginny, Griff, Kitty and Swetty. The Knoydart Peninsula is the most isolated part of mainland Britain, and is only accessible by either driving 21 miles down Britain’s longest dead-end road then walking in for two days, or by […]

More Dorset Photos

My Mum’s posted her photos from Dorset…

Marathon, and on, and on…

And now a short message for my sponsors – thank you very much! I hit my £1,500 target with £500 from Credit Suisse, £184 from a cake sale (thanks, bakers!), more from a work jeans day, and around £800 on the justgiving sites. In return I burnt 4,700 calories, lost 2cm in height, and ran […]

Run Ran

I finished my marathon, in 4h 31m 35s. It was hot hot hot! I was a little disappointed with my time – I was aiming for 4h 20m, but I knew it was a bad omen when I was overtaken by a yellow sperm after 15 minutes.

A few pictures then, and my results here. […]

Tin Shaking

I’m running in the 2009 London Marathon – because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m running with a team from work for the Spinal Injuries Association. We’ve each committed to raise £1,500 for the charity.

I ran the Loch Ness Marathon in 2007 in 4h:36m, and I’m hoping to improve on […]

Barn’s Barnes Run

I’m running again. Today I ran from our home to Venetia and Dave’s house in Mortlake. That’s over 14 miles along the Thames Path. Unfortunately it took me nearly three hours… Canada Water to MortlakeFind more Runs in Canada Water, United Kingdom

Guess what I’m doing?



A video from my tech-literate Mum! You need the sound on. A cute first half, loses its way in the middle, but has an ending no one expects. So you have to watch the whole thing, but it’s only 90 seconds long. Full screen and high-quality recommended.

Snow, Hair

A few random pictures I found – the great london blizzard of 2009, and Laurie and I enjoying our special time together brushing her hair each night.


Peebles and Bam-Bam

We went up to Peebles again last weekend to see Griff, Clare and Amy, and Ol, Amanda and new baby Duncan, and Kitty who’s back from NZ.

Laurie delivered her usual mix of extreme affection and violence to Amy, but they seem to have kissed and made up.


For some reason we didn’t take […]

Wye Walk

Gin’s got some project or other to do lots of walks this year, and Pip & I procured some grandparents to look after Laurie for a day and accompanied her for the 12 or so miles from Wye to Folkestone. It was a freezing blue-sky day and we abandoned the last few miles when it […]