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Londonist Link!

Laurie gets more attention at Londonist!


On Friday I took my (three) girls to Seizure – a copper sulphate crystallised flat near Elephant and Castle’s Heygate Estate. We got there before the afternoon crowds and had the place more-or-less to ourselves. The flat is completely encrusted with deep blue crystals, is dark and eerie, and I recommend it. It’s […]

Sally's 60th in Perugia

Despite the Lambeth Registrar’s best efforts, we finally got a birth certificate for Indie and Pip went directly to Petty France for an express passport application. Indie was interviewed to determine her suitability for British citizenship, a passport photo taken in the split-second between Pip removing her supporting hand, and Indie’s head rolling off to […]


We’re still here! Indie’s getting exactly as much attention as Laurie ever did, but we’ve had to sacrifice a few of the things we used to do in our spare time. Like everything, including updating this site.

Indie’s doing well – gaining 3 oz a week which apparently is good, although […]

That’s Another Fine Moss

Indie’s a week old tomorrow, and I’ve had a lot less time to blog since having two kids! Night-times are still day-times and vice-versa so we’re all a bit dopey, but she’s a super-chilled baby and hasn’t cried more than an hour or so in the whole week. She’s alert and curious and moves her […]

Indigo Sylvia Moss

Pip & I are proud to announce the latest addition to the Moss brood – Indigo Sylvia. Indie was born at 3:07 pm, Monday 17th August 2009, and weighed 6 lbs 14 1/2 oz.

She’s alert and curious, is feeding well, has a fine head (and back) of black hair and mewls like a cat.


Last camping in the three-man tent

Pip, Laurie and I spent our last free weekend before we’re in the drop-zone by going camping as a family of three for the last time. As it was the Tilmanstone Church Fete that weekend we camped outside Folkestone, and my Mum & Dad came in their motor-home as well.

We had a very English […]

Sally & David Williams’ Ruby Wedding Anniversary

We spent this weekend in Kent at Pip’s parents’ house, celebrating their Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations, Sally & David!

The house was full, there were motorhomes in the paddocks, campers in the garden, and a jazz band in the bolt-hole. Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah were the guests of honour, and in the […]

Some Summer Fun

Pip & I went to see Blur in Hyde Park a few Friday afternoons ago, it was ace. I drank several bottles of pear cider, to recreate the Glastonbury feeling for both of us.

On the Saturday we all trained up to Scotland to see the Griffiths-Prentons, and I got a dive in courtesy of […]


We’ve been on holiday to Sardinia. Pip, Laurie & I went with Griff, Clare & Amy, Fi, Wim & Stephanie, and Clare, Alan & James. Four couples, three two-year-olds, and an eleven-month-old. Surprisingly, it went very well!

We hired the surprisingly magnificent Villa Enrico. It was set in 40 acres of olive and lemon groves […]