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Morocco Photos

We’re back from our Morocco holiday, and I’ve uploaded the photos. Pip’s going to blog her holiday diary with the full story, but for now you can see my photos on the gallery here (page 2 here), and Gin’s photos here.

Here are a few to keep you going…


Dom and Asia’s Wedding, Poland August 2008

Dom and Asia became Mr & Mrs Collison in Torun, Poland on 23rd August 2008. We all flew out on the Thursday morning and spent a couple of days enoying the city.


For a full city panorama click here or go direct here.

We stayed in a fantastic hotel with two-storey rooms, where […]

Le Camping

We’ve just got back from France, where we camped for the weekend with my Mum and Dad. They’re just finishing their 2008 Grand European Tour and hadn’t seen Laurie for around four months.


We went down to Kent on Thursday night after work, then caught a ferry from Dover first thing Friday morning. We […]

Marathon Ran

On October 7th 2007, my brother-in-law Jo & I ran the Loch Ness Marathon. We both finished, he in 4:15:24 (866/1427), and I in 4:36:05 (1096/1427). Pip & Ginny ran the River Ness 10K at the same time, and Griff, Clare, Amy and Skye came up to babysit, as did my parents in their motorhome.


More Pictures

Grandpa and Grandmarnier Moss have posted some of their photos from the holiday. Here are Pip and I getting ready to change a nappy.