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Euro Road-trip 2014

We did another long (2,250 miles) road-trip this year after Clare’s 40th – Portsmouth (via the Shaves just before they moved back to Munich) to Bilbao on the two-night car-ferry, then a drive over to Barcelona for a few nights camping and seeing some friends who moved there last year, followed by four nights camping […]

Dorking, Dorset, Exmoor (Devon), Devon!

We made another British road-trip in August. This year we concentrated on the D’s and E’s – namely Dorking (lunch at David & Jenny’s), Dorset (camping at Golden Cap near Lyme Regis), Exmoor (North Devon, staying with Sian & Charles at Emmett’s Grange), and finally South Devon (in a big house near Salcombe).

Camping was […]

Indie Is Five

Indie’s fifth birthday was marked by a pirate party a few days beforehand at The Old Mortuary (Time and Talents) in Bermondsey.

On her actual birthday a few days later we were camping in Dorset with Jo & Alex & Olivia, and April & Paul & Freddie & Arty.   


The climax […]