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The First Forty

The first of the fortieths has come. Clare P set the bar high, by taking over her local castle – Neidpath. A splendid venue for this kind of thing: full of crumbling spiral staircases, secret passageways, a dungeon, parapets, decrepit chaise longues, swords and the like. Well stocked with a band, booze, brownies, candles and a roast hog, then topped up with around seventy friends and family, we had an amazing night, and a brilliant weekend.

Neidpath Gatehouse Dancing Griff & Clare Neidpath Courtyard

The girls stayed in London with Aunt Gin (and that’s another story!), so Pip & I managed a couple of hours walking Skye to the hill fort in Cardrona Forest with Griff, Mark and Tanya on the Saturday morning. That’ll have to count as this year’s expedition.

Sunlight through Scots Pine The top 2 Mrs Moss, mist and moss (untitled)

A great weekend. Maybe I should hire the Tower of London for mine in April.

All the photos on Flickr as usual.

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