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I have got the gorilla out of my system

I completed the Great Gorilla Run 2012 on Saturday, my second one. For 30 glorious seconds near the start I was the lead gorilla, but I was overtaken going down some stairs by someone with bigger eye-holes (who could see the steps), and I never regained the lead. Evolution in action.

As before, it was […]

All the trees in China

I spent a week in China recently helping on a research project into the effects of global warming. The trip was sponsored by my company Credit Suisse, as part of the Credit Suisse Cares For Climate initiative, and was delivered through the global environment charity Earthwatch and their local research partner the Chinese Academy of […]

Gorilla Run 2012

I’m running in the Great Gorilla Run again this year, because it was such a laugh four years ago, and because Indie’s never seen 800 gorillas prancing through central London on a Saturday morning. Also, I think it’s a good cause – they are saving the last few mountain gorillas through education and poverty-reduction, as […]

Appletreewick Camping

Some photos from our recent camping trip to Mason’s Campsite in Appletreewick, Yorkshire. We hadn’t seen the kids for two weeks due to the Olympics – thanks grandparents!

We spent a day reliving my childhood at Brimham Rocks, and a day contemplating the English character at the Kettlewell Scarecrow […]