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Dance of the Bumble Bees

Yesterday was Laurie’s dance class show – the Dancebreaks Spectacular 2010. We’d missed the last four weeks of rehearsals by being in Canada, but that didn’t stop Laurie. Well, it didn’t stop her turning up, but it could have been the reason she followed a more improvisational choreographical style than the others.

Bumble Bee DanceIn her first dance, the other bumble bees all awoke on queue and danced together, but Laurie ‘s bee slept through the first half.

In the classic tap routine “I’m a pink toothbrush” we were treated to some virtuoso thumb-sucking

I'm a pink toothbrush I'm a pink toothbrush

Lion King and Wipeout went better, although none of her ballet clothes or tap shoes fitted any more so everything was borrowed in the end.

Wipeout Lion King

Due to a drop-out, I became the official photographer, although it was too dark to get any sharp images.  So there are a few more on flickr.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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