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Back on track

I’m back on my feet and at work now. This weekend Liz came to stay, and went out for lunch on Saturday and to the London Aquarium on Sunday.

Photos here…


I’m a Free Man

At last, I’m free to go home, after nine days in hospital. Just as well, I feel like a pin-cushion, and the heating and hot water at home have packed up! Another week of antibiotics and I can finally celebrate New Year as well.

It’s Gonna Blow

I can’t hold it much longer! Apparently it’s not actually green, it’s orange plasma, trapped beneath a purple blister. I did some walking tonight. To the toilet and back. My toes still don’t reach the ground, so there’s still some swelling, but I’ve only got 9 more batches of antibiotics, and one more canula, to […]

New Landmass Detected – North of my Ankle

Something’s happening to my leg. I think a new landmass is developing. A bit like in Superman Returns. Apart from that, it’s beginning to get a little better, although I still can’t walk. My consultant told me I need to stay in until Sunday, which means I’ll have been in for eight days. By Sunday […]

December III – Turkey Flap

A short post where I relate how I asked Pip’s Dad, David, at 4:45pm on Christmas Eve, where he’d put the turkey which had no doubt arived by courier the day before. David’s answer, what turkey, and a few phone calls to the farm soon told us we were having a vegetarian Christmas, contrary to […]

Day Three, In Which My Leg Goes Black

My attractive leg has stabilised a little now, and has even started to get better – not that you’d say so if you saw it. Because people are back at work today, I was able to make some phone calls and get a bed at the London Bridge Hospital. Which is a hospital near our […]

Getting-Slightly-Bored New Year

Day three Well I’m still in Margate hospital, and my leg is still on the gammy side, so I’m starting to get rather bored now. The man in the bed next to mine managed to not shout Bert every thirty seconds all night, and also retained his dignity throughout, which was a big improvement on […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I’m writing this on my iPhone, from my bed at Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother hospital in Margate, where I’m beginning to go a little mad, and I haven’t been here 24 hours yet! I’ve got a cellulitis attack in my leg, which buggered New Year right up. Pip thinks it […]