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Pippa Laureate

Pip won the Southwark Council Visualise competition – poetry section (adult).  She’s just got back from the awards ceremony with her £200.  Well done Pip!

My piece of Southwark

I kick through the leaves on an autumn day,
Walking in the park on my regular way.
Bathed in bright sunshine or snowy and cold,
Southwark Park’s where I watch the seasons unfold.
An oasis of calm from the bustle about,
From the clank of cranes and the builder’s shout.
The bandstand sits proudly, the smartest I’ve seen,
I wonder at all the events that have been.

Old pubs and old moorings and docks abound,
This is somewhere history can easily be found.
It’s great to have these scenes from the past,
To keep them intact while change happens fast.
Built tall and shiny and at such a pace,
Soon modern new homes will take over the place.
But that is the way, the current trend,
With extra commuters to add to the blend.

While the location is great, also to tell,
Is we’re showing diversity working well.
Different backgrounds, all the languages spoken,
The community spirit round here is not broken.
If with the plans that can stay at the core,
We’ll enjoy seeing the area be given much more.
As I kick through the leaves I ponder these things,
My piece of Southwark and what the future brings.

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