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Pippa Laureate

Pip won the Southwark Council Visualise competition – poetry section (adult). She’s just got back from the awards ceremony with her £200. Well done Pip!

My piece of Southwark

I kick through the leaves on an autumn day, Walking in the park on my regular way. Bathed in bright sunshine or […]

Magic Three Months

If it wasn’t for the fact we’ve been so busy trying to put the children to bed for the last few months, Indigo would definitely have gone on Ebay at least a couple of times. But last Tuesday she turned three months, and suddenly things are a little bit better. So she can stay.

Maybe […]

Amsterdam 2009

We nipped over to Amsterdam to visit Fi, Wim and Stephanie. We drove over, via Dover, and got upgraded to Le Tunnel Sous La Manche on the way back, due to the storms. So now Indie’s three months old, and has been to Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. France and Belgium twice.

It rained […]

Laurington of the Day

Laurie made picture of the day on the BBC website!

She’s not picture of the day anymore, obviously, but here she is.