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Sally's 60th in Perugia

Despite the Lambeth Registrar’s best efforts, we finally got a birth certificate for Indie and Pip went directly to Petty France for an express passport application.  Indie was interviewed to determine her suitability for British citizenship, a passport photo taken in the split-second between Pip removing her supporting hand, and Indie’s head rolling off to one side was accepted, and the passport arrived last Saturday lunchtime.  On Saturday evening we’d booked flights for the Wednesday, for myself and four Moss women – Pip, Laurie, Indie and my Mum.

We flew out to Bologna early on Wednesday morning and drove three hours to Perugia, where we furtively rendezvoused with Ginny.  She led the way up into the mountains where Sally and David had rented an trio of enormous converted farm buildings (1, 2, 3) on in isolated hillside for Sally’s 60th birthday party.  We got Laurie changed into her swimming costume and rubber ring just in time, and Sally was overcome (to say the least!) when we sprung the surprise.

People were coming and going all week, but on the Thursday it was full house for the main event with around thirty of us.  Caterers came in to cook us a big Italian dinner, there were speeches, singing from Janie Dee and Jo, and Maureen led some vigorous dancing.

IMG_7782 IMG_7768 IMG_7889

The rest of the week we spent our time around the pool, visiting Assisi (as in St Francis), Cortona and Perugia, and walking up and down the Roman road outside the villa.

IMG_7859 IMG_7746 IMG_7834

Here’s a slideshow, and the full gallery (now with hi-res versions if you want a print) is here.

Update – my Mum’s posted her photos here!

Update – Keith’s posted his photos here!

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