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On Friday I took my (three) girls to Seizure – a copper sulphate crystallised flat near Elephant and Castle’s Heygate Estate. We got there before the afternoon crowds and had the place more-or-less to ourselves. The flat is completely encrusted with deep blue crystals, is dark and eerie, and I recommend it. It’s […]

Sally's 60th in Perugia

Despite the Lambeth Registrar’s best efforts, we finally got a birth certificate for Indie and Pip went directly to Petty France for an express passport application. Indie was interviewed to determine her suitability for British citizenship, a passport photo taken in the split-second between Pip removing her supporting hand, and Indie’s head rolling off to […]


We’re still here! Indie’s getting exactly as much attention as Laurie ever did, but we’ve had to sacrifice a few of the things we used to do in our spare time. Like everything, including updating this site.

Indie’s doing well – gaining 3 oz a week which apparently is good, although […]