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The whole summer in one post

Err, sorry, we’ve been a bit busy.

Anyway, here’s the whole summer (now officially over – I needed bike lights on the way home from work tonight) presented for your convenience in a single post.

We’ve been to three weddings – Mark & Tania’s, Ben & Fran’s, and Dom & Asia’s.


We’ve been camping in the New Forest, with the dive club to Dorset and Plymouth, with my Mum & Dad in France and with Andy & Beulah to Ben & Fran’s wedding in Swansea.


We’ve rented cottages for weeks in the Summer Isles and Snowdonia.


We went to Tilmanstone Church Fete and swam in Lord Pender’s swimming pool.  We attended Sally’s garden party where Laurie directed proceedings from the pool, flounced about and helped Jo play the trumpet.


We visited Pip’s Granny a few times and were visited by lots of babies.


I discovered how to take light-painting photos after Ben and Fran’s wedding.


The left-hand tent contains Andy, Beulah and Aiofe.  The right-hand tent contains Laurie.  It is midnight and that’s the moon not the stars.  I’m using my phone screen to paint each one.  and The middle one says Mr & Mrs Orson.

See the other summer photos in the album here.


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