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Little Holiday

Pip, Laurie and I took a long weekend to visit Griff, Clare and Amelia in Sheringham, where Clare has been directing ‘How the Other Half Loves‘. Clare’s photos are here.


We then went to Toby and Andrea’s wedding on the Friday.


Saturday morning I got up bright and early (well, 11am) and ran […]


We’re still bathing Laurie you’ll all be pleased to hear – especially as she ends each day with enough food trapped in every fold, crease, nook and cranny to start a small compost heap.

Here’s the evidence (of the bath, not the nooks and crannies – it’s far too messy to let a camera anywhere […]

A New Hope (well, two actually)

Toby and Andrea became Mr & Mrs Toby Hope at Ipswich Registry Office on Friday 27th July 2007. The evening was spent at Orwell Park School in Nacton, and we took Laurie along too.

A whale tried to gatecrash, but failed.

Oh, and this will have to change too. TMJH.com is available.

More photos […]

Marathon Training

I’m still training for my marathon.? My Sunday runs are up to 15 miles or so now.? If you know London, this is what a 15 mile loop looks like.? If you know Felixstowe, this is what a 15 mile loop looks like.? If you know Scotland, this is what a 26.4 mile stretch of […]

Is Anybody Still There?

Sorry everybody (if there’s anyone still visiting). There hasn’t been a post for nearly a month.

It’s not that we’ve stopped doing anything, but two things have happened recently – we’ve started feeding Laurie ‘food’, which takes more time than I thought possible, and I’ve got a shiny new PC with Vista as the operating […]

The blue dress

I thought I’d get Laurie modelling this morning. Mum’s friend Julia got her this dress. Oh and did we mention Laurie can now sit up!


Abbey girls (+ bump & babies) reunion

Sian was back from Dubai briefly so we all went to her house to see her and her 6 month bump. She is working as a lawyer in Dubai and will have the baby there then come home for her not very generous maternity. We were missing Clair but otherwise not a bad turnout! V’s […]

Visit to Great Granny

We took Laurie to see her Great Granny as she hadn’t seen her since the Christening. Granny was impressed with her chubbiness. Laurie also liked Simba the Irish Setter.



This? explains a lot.