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New Look

I’ve updated the blog (as you can see). Any problems, let me know.

I’m using a.m. griffin’s Skittlish theme on WordPress 2.2, for the geeks amongst you.

Viva Espana

Well, we obviously came back at just the right time – beautiful Bank Holiday weather like I’ve never seen (ha). Our week in a villa on Costa Brava was fabulous.

There were 9 of us at the villa (us 3, Mum & Dad, Frances & Keith, Lucy and Ginny), and Kitty and Steve in […]

The Thames Bridges Cycle Ride

I completed the Stroke Association’s Thames Bridges cycle ride on Sunday. We left Tower Bridge around 8:30am and arrived in Hampton Court at around 1pm. We got soaked in the rain, but we did have a huge breakfast in Battersea. Here’s the view from the start…

east end, originally uploaded by Mr Moss.

And […]

Play it again Max

Ginny’s friend Lynne has a baby called Max (him and Laurie have matching cow suits). Max came to Kent and borrowed Uncle Jo to learn to play the piano. He’s very cute. (Max that is).


Goodbye crib

This lovely crib saw Barney through his early months back in 1974 and now Laurie has outgrown it. She has moved into a cotbed which takes up all the spare space in the nursery. She has also forgotten how to go to sleep but once she gives in we don’t hear from her until the […]

The pink house

The other weekend we went to visit Claire & Alex (uni friends) with their daughter Beatrice (3 months). They live in a lovely pink house near Cambridge. Laurie was very taken with her friend and also a toy called a Winkel. All mothers get one!