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Nothing To Do With Laurie

I’m riding the Thames Bridges cycle ride for the Stroke Association on May 13th – fourteen bridges and thirty-two miles from Tower Bridge to Hampton Court.? I don’t think the QEII bridge is included, I won’t be able to demonstrate my prowess at going through the Rotherhithe Tunnel (my daily commute) on a single breath, […]

Heavy Laurie

Laurie’s now 14 1/2 pounds – that’s over a stone.

Now you can see how big it is!

I’ve added some of Griff’s pictures of the Cobbler.

Now you can see how big the Western summit actually is – we’re standing on top waving on the left.? My wideangle lens (right) might take nice landscapes, but you don’t always get much sense of scale.


And here’s me threading myself, my (rather unnecessary) bag of […]


On Saturday Griff and I swapped Amy and Laurie for Ol and Amanda, and climbed the three peaks of the Cobbler in the Arrochar Alps in Scotland.


We had glorious weather, and hence were not alone on the walk, to Ol’s disgust. Still, by the time we’d scrambled to the top of the Western […]

Amy & Laurie Spot The Difference

We spent this weekend in Edinburgh with Griff and Clare, and Amelia and Skye. We travelled by train, and Laurie was no problem at all. Coming back we’d got some cheap first-class tickets, which was just as well as our 4pm train couldn’t be started, and the 5pm was delayed due to a bridge-bash by […]

Outlook: Smiles

Laurie’s smiling a lot more now. If we’re lucky. See!



Wideangle Fun

Look at this little chubster!


Easter Bunny In Hat

We spent the long Easter weekend in Kent, with a big crowd of the usual suspects.


Jo and I took his speedboat out for a spin, and broke down, needing an embarrassing tow back to the very public slipway at Sandwich. Our spirits never flagged until we ran out of beer.


We walked […]

The Monopoly pub-crawlers crawl again!

Well, it was Barn’s B’day on Tuesday. We went up Big Ben for the 11 o’clock strike (Laurie went to Mum’s office), we had lunch in Portcullis House then Tony, Liz, Laurie, Barn and I went to Gordon’s wine bar (and chatted to a member of staff who was 86 years old!) and we walked […]

Wibbly Wobbly. Again.

The Warmans – Steve and Lorraine, and Satish, came round this afternoon to exchange baby and chicken gossip, to eat Pip’s homemade brownies, and to go catch the last of the sun at the Wibbly Wobbly.

Here’s Steve (left), and Laurie (right).

Lorraine likes to read the blog while eating her breakfast.? Morning, Lorraine.