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The Monopoly pub-crawlers crawl again!

Well, it was Barn’s B’day on Tuesday. We went up Big Ben for the 11 o’clock strike (Laurie went to Mum’s office), we had lunch in Portcullis House then Tony, Liz, Laurie, Barn and I went to Gordon’s wine bar (and chatted to a member of staff who was 86 years old!) and we walked along the river to HMS Belfast but decided it was too expensive to visit.

Back to Mum’s office later to drop off Laurie then we met everyone in Leicester Sq and crawled round the last 7 pubs on the monopoly pub crawl (although one pub had closed down). It was a surprise for Barney and he was very happy. There was a good number of us with a few surprise people – Andy Coles and Wim for starters.
It was like old times and obviously some drunkenness (well I had a half Guinness or so – not like old times!).

Mum did a great job of looking after Laurie, including negotiating the tube home, a dirty nappy and a bath, so she’s passed all the babysitting tests.

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