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Three hospitals in one day

I fetched Fiona, Wim, and the brand new Hendricks, Stephanie, from Lewisham Hospital today. I can’t believe Laurie was even smaller than Stephanie is now, for several weeks!

Then, when I got home, I started shelving the new airing cupboard. I set up a circular saw, a drill, a cordless screwdriver, a workbench, hammer, saws, planes, screwdrivers, bradawl, extension lead, plenty of bits of wood, and so on, on the landing at the top of the stairs. I started sawing, drilling and screwing, just like a scene at the start of casualty. You can imagine what happened next…

That’s right, Laurie toppled over in the lounge and landed on her forehead on the rug. Pip wasn’t sure if she’d cracked against the coffee table leg on the way down, and we hadn’t heard her cry that urgently, or gasp for breath the way she was, before. So it was off to casualty. First stop was the minor injuries unit at Guy’s, which had two nurses, a doctor and a receptionist all waiting for us, with no patients to see at all. And the parking is free. Perfect. Shame they can’t see anyone under the age of one. Next stop St Thomas’, where Laurie was born, and where they have a paediatric A&E unit. The triage nurse assessed Laurie immediately, and diagnosed a light bump on the head. Low priority. So we have to go the back of the queue. That gives us an hour in the waiting room, plenty of time to get to know the 15 year old girl next to us, who needed the nurse to call her Mum, to get her social worker’s number, so the social worker could call the tagging company and explain why she was breaking her curfew.

Anyway, a doctor checked Laurie over, and gave her the all-clear. Even before we got to A&E she was smiling and laughing though, so by that time we weren’t terribly worried. The only thing she has to show for it all is a slightly bloodshot eye. But at least I know where all the local maternity, minor injury and A&E units are now.

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