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Three hospitals in one day

I fetched Fiona, Wim, and the brand new Hendricks, Stephanie, from Lewisham Hospital today. I can’t believe Laurie was even smaller than Stephanie is now, for several weeks!

Then, when I got home, I started shelving the new airing cupboard. I set up a circular saw, a drill, a cordless screwdriver, a workbench, hammer, saws, […]

New friend for Laurie!

Baby Hendriks has arrived! The 4th girl in a row for the Bristol gang. Born 10.42am on 28th March, 7lb 12oz. Stephanie Hendriks is gorgeous and very tiny – I saw them all at the hospital today. Can’t believe Laurie was 2lb smaller – I just can’t imagine it now. Here is one of the […]

Offroading on the heath

Laurie was bumped across Hampstead Heath last weekend and had a cream tea at Kenwood House.

Followed by usual sibling Sunday roast – this time at Jo’s flat (L’s first visit).


Laurie’s big day

Well the Christening was a lovely day – thank you to everyone who came, I think we numbered about 70 in total, at least in the pub! Laurie really was incredibly well behaved, admittedly asleep through half the event.

It was a bit like a wedding reunion and how spoilt was Laurie with all those […]

Daddy, Of Course

Today (Sunday), Laurie wore proper clothes (Max’s proper clothes actually, thanks Lynne!) .

We took her for a few beers on the pontoon at the Wibbly-Wobbly floating pub, which was also her first outing in her pushchair. It’s a bit nippier than the perambulator, which Pip has had some stick for as it’s three years […]

Attic Attack

The attic’s coming along now – the main build should be finished this week, leaving just the plastering, carpentry, bathroom and electrical work to do. Without the fire-walls, it looks great, very Scandinavian and slightly bohemian.



Laurie’s getting quite big now, and doesn’t look quite so amphibian.? She might be outgrowing her current name, Froggy.

So far she’s been:

La-la. ? For about the first three weeks this seemed to fit like a glove, but suddenly seemed to disappear. Froggy (the Frog, Frogster).? Replaced La-la.? She now responds to this name, […]

Granny of the year

Well done Sally (Pip’s Mum, Laurie’s Granny).? Voluntary Sector Achiever of the Year 2007!

As the dust settles

all over our house, Laurie and I try to escape as much as possible out of the house, but it is exhausting. This week we’ve been to Southwark Park, Deptford, Lewisham, House of Lords, Canary Wharf… Anyway the loft is coming on leaps and bounds and we now have the new stairs in. However part […]

Lily Allen

When Laurie is overtired I put on the Lily Allen album and dance with her, it honestly works every time. The song that goes ‘when I see you cry-y-y, it’s makes me smile-ile-ile’ is a particular favourite. Obviously this is not the case with me.