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Laurie got her birth certificate on Saturday. She’s now legal, and the name is permanent. We were given the option of a short certificate for free, or the long certificate for 3.50. You can’t get a passport with the short version, but then again 3.50 buys 14 nappies. So we got the short version.

3 comments to Certificated

  • Lizzie

    If you can’t get a passport with the short version does this mean you are no longer planning to travel overseas and will have your holidays in the UK? Or do you plan for the grandparents to babysit while you continue your adventures.

  • Pip

    No – we got the long version. We booked our first family holiday this weekend – we are off to Costa Brava, Spain in May.

  • A 'great' unk

    How confusing.!.
    This project reminds me of cheesemaking.
    Milk Production at one end and cheesecloth and contents at the other end.
    Does a mite in arms need a passport, and where can you buy 14 naps for 3.50-

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