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Mind the gap?

I’ve not had much time to post recently, so here are edited highlights of the last two weeks…

We went to Felixstowe, saw Toby and Andrea (congratulations on your engagement), and inspected the storm damage.

Laurie had a fireside bath.

Mum bonded.

The next weekend we went to Kent, saw the Drs Silcock, and had lunch with the fastest white man in the world (1952) and his wife. If you can find a link the British 1952 Olympic relay team, which came fourth, then you have better google skills than me.

On Tuesday Laurie had her BCG, the TB vaccination. When I were a lad, we had them around 12 years old, but there’s a lot of TB in London so they spike them early here. In the evening I took Pip to see Porgy and Bess at the Savoy Theatre for St Valentine’s Day. The parents-in-law baby sat, and Laurie welcomed her Gran by weeing all over her.

On Friday Laurie had some more jabs, and spent the rest of the day screaming. She calmed down around 7pm so later on I gave her her first two-handed bath – previously they’ve all been four-handed, at least. Laurie marked the occasion by having her first shit in the bath. Which rather defeated the purpose.


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  • Lizzie

    Poor little Laurie, all those nasty jabs. It’s hardly surprising she had a little accident in the bath. Give her a hug and a kiss for being such a brave little girl. We all hate jabs but just learn to bite our lip against the discomfort.

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