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I’m so proud

Laurie has put on 1lb in a week and 2 days – she is now 6lb 15oz!!

I do feel this is largely down to my efforts (and the odd bottle of formula). So she’s now on the graph – before she was off it.

I can also say we are managing a mother & […]

What I’m getting up to

Saturday – Annie came in morning to check I was being cared for properly (she decided I was), Monique and Sarah (both having babies this year) came to visit – Monique gave me my first dungarees.

In the afternoon we went to the local farm & saw an ugly turkey, that evening we let Daddy […]

Naked Hairy Ape

If you want to see pictures of a big hairy naked man, click here. I had a bath with Laurie, and here’s the evidence. Is nothing sacred any more?

In clicking the above link, you confirm you are over 18 years of age, and the viewing of explicit images is not illegal in your […]

Slung Out

If you’re having a baby, get a sling.? Here’s the one I use.



Laurie’s got the number one spot on google for her name.? The number two spot is strangely appropriate as well.

If you search for Pip though the results are slightly different.? Funny old world.

Dressing up

Laurie does her convict impression while wearing her favourite zebra stripe sleepsuit.


Uncle Roger & the Canadian booties

Laurie met Great Uncle Roger today! He came bearing gifts from the relatives in Canada who I know are actively following the blog. So obviously a picture in her Canadian boots was required.

Thank you and love to Canada!


Where does time go?

Laurie is now 3 weeks old! She was weighed yesterday and is back at birth weight. I will be very pleased when she’s over 6lbs.

Still, she’s a contented soul so hopefully being small is no problem at the moment.

We realised we’ve stopped taking photos of her but she is alot more alert these […]

Deal Beach

On New Year’s Day we took the pram to a large open space for some practice manoeuvres.? Deal Beach was ideal.

Pip chased the local crackheads away from a shelter for a breastfeed.


Now that’s magic!

Laurie is really quite small!