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Where does time go?

Laurie is now 3 weeks old! She was weighed yesterday and is back at birth weight. I will be very pleased when she’s over 6lbs.

Still, she’s a contented soul so hopefully being small is no problem at the moment.

We realised we’ve stopped taking photos of her but she is alot more alert these days and good at pulling faces although no idea what she wants to tell us with them. Here’s one of my favourites (rest are in Week 3 folder)…

She met Lizzie today. Lizzie was my nanny when I was 9 months old!

Went to a breastfeeding cafe in Deptford yesterday which was lovely and met lots of other mothers and babies. Came away realising that my groans are nothing compared to what other Mums have been through/going through, but they all say carry on with the breastfeeding cos it does get better and they now all love it!

We are welcoming visitors with open arms (you need to have open arms to receive the baby from us when you arrive), had quite a few visits now. So far Laurie had behaved impeccably for everyone, only plays up when alone with her Mum in fact.


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