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Happy New Year

Well, main topic of conversation these days are my breasts – I have to be careful about this as obviously some people just don’t want to know!

Laurie is nearly back to birth weight and midwife and health visitor came today.

We were at a service of thanksgiving yesterday for my Godmother Sandra who died on 21st December – she just got to hear about Laurie before she died (she’d had long battle with cancer). Peter, Sandra’s son is going to be Godfather to Laurie along with Griff. Venetia and my cousin Julia are the Godmothers. Christening date to be announced – probably March.

We spent New Year in Kent which was lovely – Mum has set up a home from home nursery for us so it makes life easy plus all those extra hands to hold the baby – we went to pub and on a long walk while others babysat. We also took Laurie to see the sea.

Barney went back to work half days today so by the time he gets home I have usually just managed to get dressed! I am working on a timetable to get me out the house at least every other day. I need to visit my NCT friends so we can all eat cake and talk about breasts.


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