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Happy Christmas

Barn has showed me how to blog so I can do something while I have to sit with an electric pump held to my boob.

If you do come and visit I am afraid you may see more of me than you’d ideally like (but pumping is in private)!

Luckily I have lots of new mothers who are struggling/have struggled with breastfeeding to support me via phone/email – I am not alone in this new pumping world. And plus side is Barn feels very sorry for me and does even more jobs for me. He is being a truly wonderful support and Dad.

Another midwife visited today – yes Christmas Day – she was lovely but confirmed that we do need to top up with formula to get weight on Laurie. This needs to happen every 3 hours and they want to see 50g weight gain by Weds.
Laurie is just so naughty – at 3am this morning she was a little limpet sucking away and today no joy – falls asleep the sec she gets near me.

But I am happy apart from the persisting double vision thing and looking like a complete zombie (but quite thin already I have to say!).

The Mosses are here and have been preparing food all day and they all went for a little walk with Laurie while I tried to sleep. I have had my stocking and there are PILES of presents to open.

I am all in all happy with this new life. less tearful that earlier in the week. This week is actually a blur. But now I have a timetable and know a bit what I’m doing and that feels good. And I have a pretty daughter to stare at me and melt my heart.

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