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With friends like these, who needs midwives?

As the local midwife team seemed to have been caught on the hop by the birth (we only gave them nine months notice), or by Christmas unexpectedly falling in December this year, Pip’s been building a fantastic support network.? She’s even infiltrated a second NCT group in Edinburgh!

The La Leche League volunteer she spoke to tonight on their helpline really helped, and when I got back from Tesco’s today (I aim for one useful job per day, that was what I accomplished today!), one neighbour was round lending Pip a breast pump, and another neighbour was round giving Pip a cabbage for the freezer, while her 1 year old built a house with all the remote controls.? We’ve used the NCT help line as well, and Clare and the other new mums have been on the phone all day with absolutely essential tips and support.

The families, especially Ginny, have been round supplying us with non-essential goods and services like food and clothing.

Thanks everyone!

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