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There’s some rough, and there’s some smooth

Today’s been pretty rough, Pip’s still dealing with the after-effects of labour and the birth, and she’s very tired.? Breastfeeding is not the walk in the park you’d expect, and both the girls are getting very frustrated.? Laurie’s getting hungry, and Pip’s getting sore.? We haven’t had our initial midwife visit yet, and we’ve got no idea if we’re doing anything right.

We’re getting a routine together, but it’s not quite Gina Ford.? I tidy up, sort out photos, blog etc. in the evening with Laurie tucked under my arm, while Pip tries to get some sleep.? Then we have another feeding attempt around midnight / 1am, and see how long Laurie will stay asleep in her crib. The record so far is 10 minutes, but that’s during the day so it doesn’t count.? Then we spend the rest of the night taking turns to hold Laurie, as if one of us is doing that, the other two get some sleep.? I always seem to find Pip and Laurie on the spare bed in the morning, so I reckon I get the most sleep (excluding Laurie’s 20 hours a day, obviously).
Right now Laurie’s trying to climb me in her sleep like a koala up a eucalyptus tree and has been asleep on my lap for the last two hours without a sound.

Some Smooth

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