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Technical Details

Pip went into hospital on Monday morning for a check-up as we felt things were moving. They monitored the baby’s heartbeat for an hour and noticed it dropped for a short period once or twice. She went back in on Tuesday morning for another heartbeat scan, and it was recorded as dropping a few more times. The obstetrician was concerned and thought it was quite important to get the baby out, as although they didn’t know what she was saying, they thought she was trying to tell us something.

Pip was given a hormone gel to induce labour at around 1pm. At 3pm we were still walking around the gardens outside. By 4pm labour had definitely started, although the midwives didn’t think so. At 7:30pm they came to see if Pip needed another dose of the hormone, to kick-start labour proper. Pip said she needed to push, so the midwife gave her an examination and was surprised to find that Pip was fully dilated and the first stage of labour was over. We moved into a delivery room, and less than an hour later I watched Pip push Lorelei into the world.

Pip used a TENS machine, but no gas and air, for pain relief. She needed some stitches afterwards. I cut the cord.

Weighing In

2 comments to Technical Details

  • barn

    I forgot, she cheated. She had two paracetamol as well.

  • Pip

    Just to add that during contractions Barn & Gin were in the room chatting away about boy’s names, I couldn’t actually talk, in fact I just said ‘ow’ occasionally. It was really painful but I thought I had worse to come – still Barn and Gin’s little back rubs helped so thanks for that!

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