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It’s all in the name

Lorelei is a German name referring to a beautiful girl who sat on a rock in the Rhine and lured sailors to their deaths.

Ann is Pip’s middle name, and that of her mother, and her mother’s mother too.

If Laurie was a boy, she’d be Zebedee R2D2 Dave4 Moss.? But she’s not.? Lucky girl.

It’s not American, we checked here.

4 comments to It’s all in the name

  • Anthony

    Very nice too – I think I’ve got a cousin Lorelei. Shame she didnt hold on till the 20th – a very propitious date to be born. Does this mean I get invited to the opening ceremony of the Olympics – I can’t see that a 39 year old bloke is going to add much.

    Congratulations to one and all again – very well done.

  • Clare Prenton

    Love the name … save Zebedee for the next one!!! Utterly delighted for u both – so chuffed Amelia will have a playmate … enjoy a very special Christmas and look after Pip, lots of pampering required!!!!

    love Clare & co

  • Grandpa Moss

    Welcome Lorelei
    Lovely to see your photos but why have you got more hair than me?
    How exciting to be in your new home.
    We’ll get to know you tomorrow
    love grandmarnier and grandparpier.

  • Sue Benjamins (soprano)

    Welcome to Lorelei! and if Mum thinks she is not very photogenic NOW, wait another few weeks of little sleep! (…but it all gets better after a few years, so no worries!!) All the best for the most exciting and satisfying Christmas ever for you all.
    xx sue

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