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Err, where are the instructions?

OK, Pip’s asleep now, and I’m holding the baby.? She’s as good as gold as long as someone’s holding her.? Two minutes after she’s put down, she starts to cry.? So my sleep tonight will be in 30 second pulses, unless I can find the instructions.

2 comments to Err, where are the instructions?

  • Lizzie

    It’s early days Barney. Do you have a shawl/muslim that smells of you and Pips that you can lay/wrap her in. this will become her comforter that eventually they always take to bed, Sainsbury’s etc. Invaluable when you are away from home staying in strange places as it always smells of home and Mum and Dad. We are now hours late going to Scotland as i have spent so much time looking at all the photos which are great. merry christmas daddy and mummy.

  • Ann & Ken

    Well Barn you made your bed, you lie in it, or rather laurie will be lying in it and will push you out eventually – you wait and see. In the first few weeks she needs to know you’re both close at hand, after that she won’t care less but you will be at her beckoned call, so watch out. But it’s nice to cuddle baby when she is small, soft and sweet so make the most of it. Congrats to you both; you have done very well. Well…..actually pip did all the work the first 9 months so now it’s your turn Barn. If pip carried what felt like a sack of potatoes around with her everywhere the last 3 months, I am sure you will survive carrying baby for a few mins now and again. Can’t wait to see them both….and you of course if you can manage to keep your eyes open. So when’s the wetting of the baby’s head then? Have a lovely christmas – what a lovely christmas gift. I see you’re making good use of your camera with all the lovely photos to treasure.

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